Why German Shepherd dog is the best dog?

Why German Shepherd is The Best Dog (10 Amazing Facts)

Over the last couple of years, the popularity of this dog breed start to grow massively, and now, the German Shepherd is the third most popular dog breed in the world, according to the AKC.

It is expected that the popularity will continue to grow and that it’s very possible that the German Shepherds will soon take a better position on the table.

To be in the top 3 dogs breed in the world, you must be special, right? But luckily, this dog breed is exactly that, a special dog breed.

With their hard work, effort, and intelligence, they fully justified their position on that table. If you are wondering why is this breed so reliable, special, and becoming more and more popular, then this article is right for you! 

In this article, you can find exact reasons why the German Shepherd dog is one of the best dogs in the world! 

Let's drive right in!

1. High intelligence.

There is no secret that the German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent dogs on this plant, in fact, GSD is the third smartest dog breed. But intelligence isn’t the only thing that makes this dog breed special.

Unlike most dog breeds, German Shepherd can with ease learn new commands and tricks. Their ability to adaptive learning is astonishing. 

German Shepherd dog Schutzhund fact - GSD Colony

These dog breed loves to work, and thanks to their intelligence, they have very responsible jobs. Most German Shepherds are trained to be police, military dogs, or to compete in dog sports, like a Schutzhund. You can also see a German Shepherd as a service dog, guardian dog, or sheep dog.

2. Devoted to their families.

If you, or your family, have in plan to get a German Shepherd, have one thing in mind: you will never be alone again. This dog breed is popular because of its loyalty to the family members and their owners. German Shepherd will rather spend all his time with you than be alone. 

No matter if you buy a puppy, or adopt an adult dog, they will realize by the time that you, and your family, are the place where they belong. From that moment, you will get a life partner which will love you more than he loves himself.

3. They are loyal and protective.

You don’t need to train a German Shepherd to be a good guarding dog, because he will start by himself to protect you from possible dangers.

Many owners are noticing that their GSDs trying to protect them from even the smallest sign of danger, and that's something most dogs can't do.

If you are not sure about their loyalty, then you don’t know this breed enough. The bond which you will create will be stronger than the bond with most of your friends.

4. Easy to train.

Do you want to start to train your German Shepherd? Awesome, you make a very smart move! This breed is highly energetic and they love to work and train. 

But you are worried about can you do this alone, without any advice from a professional dog handler? Of course that you can. 

German Shepherds is easy to train, and when we say easy, we mean that’s easier to train them, than most other dog breeds, but if you want to achieve outstanding results, you need to work hard and be patient. Our recommendation is to start with basic commands, like “sit”, “down”, “come”, and later, you can start with more advanced commands.

5. Great family dog.

As we mentioned before, the German Shepherd is a very intelligent, loyal, and protective dog, and that makes him a good family dog. 

If you are worried that GSD isn’t a perfect family dog, we think that you are wrong. Thousands of families around the world have this dog as a family dog, and they are overjoyed with this breed!

They love to play, walk and be around people, and this is just a couple of reasons, why German Shepherds are great family dogs.

But, is German Shepherd good with children?

6. German Shepherd loves children.

Yes, absolutely! With the proper training from an early age, your German Shepherd can be the next nanny of your kids, especially if you have a female. 

Males usually like to play a rough game, but with the proper introduction and good training, they will become great and best friends! 

But if you have kids and a German Shepherd in the house, you must teach all of them some basic things. Usually, kids don’t understand that dogs aren’t toys and that they can’t do whatever they want.

Teach your children good manners, train your GSD well, and we are sure there will be no problems at all.

7. All weathers dog.

Is there a dog that likes rainy, snowy, and windy days at the same time? Yes, and that’s German Shepherd. 

This dog breed doesn’t know for the phrase “bad weather”. They are ready for the walk even if it’s outside a rainstorm. 

But you may be more careful during the summer, because of their coat (don’t even think about shaving the coat of your German Shepherd).

Make sure that you regularly brush your GSD, especially during the summer, and during the hottest day in the summer, you may want to have paw shoes for your German Shepherd.

8. Other pets friendly dogs.

You are thinking about getting a GSD puppy, but you are not sure that he will be in a great relationship with your cat? He can be if you train your puppy. With training, everything is possible.

And not only with the cats, but German Shepherd can also be good with any other pet or animal, only if you train him well.

But if you are adopting GSD, you may want to be more careful. The best time to start to train this dog breed is from an early age, but if you are adopting an adult dog, you must be more careful. Usually, you will need more time to train an adult dog than to train a puppy, but it’s still possible to create a great relationship between your dog and another pet or animal.

9. Great friend.

Some friendship it’s hard to keep, but if you have a German Shepherd as a friend, this friendship will last forever.

There is a ton of things that you can do with German Shepherds, like sports, dog competitions, swimming, running or jogging together, and maybe one of the most interesting things, traveling.

If you want to explore more interesting activities which you can do with your German Shepherd, and can check out posts about that topic by clicking HERE.

It’s hard to be alone, and no one should be alone. If you have the conditions and enough time to have a German Shepherd, then go get one. He will probably become one of your best friends ever!

10. Very healthy dog breed.

If you properly raise your German Shepherd, with regular vet controls and proper diet, he can live up to 12-14 years.

They love to work and exercise, and that’s why they are always in the good shape. There are cases where you can find an overweight GSD, but you will be a responsible dog owner, right?

Don’t skip vet controls, feed your dog with the proper food, and exercise as much as you can, to keep his, and your body, healthy.

If you want to learn more about the most common German Shepherd health issues and diseases, you can do this by clicking HERE.

Which German Shepherd is the best?

There are different types of German Shepherd, but the two main categories in which are German Shepherds categorized are working line and show line.

Before you decide to buy a German Shepherd, ask yourself “want I expect from my dog, and what my goal is?”. 

If you want a good family dog, then a show line is a good choice for you. But if you want to become a professional dog handler, trainer, or to go on the different sports events with your GSD, then maybe is working line is a better choice for you.

But take this seriously, this breed is really high energy, and you need to have enough time if you want to be a good and responsible dog owner.

If you have never before had a dog, and you don’t have any knowledge, first educate yourself. After that, our recommendation is to get a show line.

To learn more about the difference between these two types, you can do by clicking HERE.

Short overview.

Is German Shepherd the best dog on the planet? We can’t say that, because each dog is special in its own way. 

But we can say that the German Shepherd is a truly one-of-a-kind dog breed, which makes our lives better and safer.

Treat them well, and you will never be alone, treat them well, and you will have a lifetime partner.

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