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GSD Colony

REPARK® Waterproof & Reflective Hooded Raincoat

REPARK® Waterproof & Reflective Hooded Raincoat

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Enjoy the rainy walks with your dog and REPARK® Raincoat.

Keeping the fur of your German Shepherd clean can be difficult during rainy days. We know how they enjoy their walks during the rain and how they can easily cover their fur with mud, and that's why we have decided to design a perfect raincoat that will save you from excessive cleaning.

REPARK® is a new raincoat specially designed for GSDs who love to walk during the rain (and to get dirty).

This raincoat is a must-have for all dog owners. With REPARK® raincoat, sometimes you can save a ton of time by avoiding bathing your dog.

Bathing your dog too often isn't a good practice, so it is important to protect his fur if it's clean.

Some of the premium features of the REPARK® raincoat:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Safety reflective line
  • Lightweight materials
  • Pocket on the raincoat
  • Place for leash
  • Hoods

REPARK® is a life-changing dog gear. Give your German Shepherd a new hooded raincoat, and say goodbye to the dirty wet fur!

Size chart (inches)

Size Chest Back length Neck  Weight
S 13.38" 9.84" 9.44" 0.37lbs
M 16.14" 11.81" 11.02" 0.48lbs
L 18.5" 13.78" 11.81" 0.55lbs
XL 22.4" 15.75" 14.17" 0.59lbs
2XL 24.41" 17.71" 17.32" 0.64lbs
3XL 29.13" 23.62" 18.9" 0.86lbs
4XL 33.07" 27.56" 21.25" 1.08lbs
5XL 41.33" 33.46" 25.6" 1.28lbs

Size chart (centimeters)

Size Chest Back length Neck  Weight
S 34cm 25cm 24cm 170g
M 41cm 30cm 28cm 220g
L 47cm 35cm 30cm 250g
XL 56cm 40cm 36cm 270g
2XL 62cm 45cm 44cm 290g
3XL 74cm 60cm 48cm 390g
4XL 84cm 70cm 54cm 490g
5XL 105cm 85cm 65cm 580g
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