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Why German Shepherds Love Balls?

We all know how much dogs like balls, especially German Shepherds dogs! Without any doubt, this is one of the best toys that you can buy for your GSD. With a good ball, you can play with your German Shepherd, train, and much more. But did you ever wonder why ball? Why this toy is so special for them?

We're glad you're asking! Let's now reveal the secret! 

German Shepherds love balls because they can chase them, they fit perfectly in their mouth, they can easily spot them, and it is fast. Also, when you play fetch with your German Shepherd, you make him really happy, because as we know, they're high-energy dogs, and they love to run, work, and play!

Also, well-designed balls are very attractive to the German Shepherds, and it's almost impossible for them to ignore them.

Now when we know why German Shepherds like balls so much, let's see why balls are attractive to them.

German shepherd chasing ball on the rope

By knowing these facts, you can choose a better ball for your German Shepherd, which he will enjoy more.


The easier it is to perceive, the more vivid the color. Numerous animal enthusiasts assert that dogs don't enjoy the color yellow. It is only a fallacy, nothing more. Bright colors, especially neon yellow and blue, are easier for German Shepherd dogs to see.

Thus, it's simple to understand why dogs are so obsessed with tennis balls. Neon yellow dog tennis balls are available. It follows that dogs would find them irresistible.


Talking about item forms and how German Shepherd dogs have an obsession with them takes you into uncharted territory. Animal psychologists still do not fully understand why dogs are drawn to everything circular, as you can see. Even tires and frisbees are favorites of canines. These objects all have something in common: shapes.

Tennis balls have a round, slightly tapered form, which increases their aerodynamic efficiency. Simply said, the balls' round form enables them to go through the air more quickly and with less air resistance. And the majority of German Shepherd owners will agree to their dog's love of a good run.

Running and chasing are the German Shepherd's two favorite activities, and combining the two results in a mild addiction.


Your German Shepherd dog will love his ball much more if the ball is chewing resistant. We all know how these dogs can easily and fast destroy almost anything when they want, especially their toys. 

Durable balls are far way more interesting to the German Shepherds, compared to other weak balls.

Why do German Shepherds love tennis balls?

Tennis balls are one of the most popular balls for dogs. They are cheap, durable, and you can find them anywhere! 

German Shepherds love tennis balls because they are round in shape, their color is bright, and they fit perfectly in their mouths. Also, these balls are durable, which makes them even more interesting to German Shepherds

But be careful! Sometimes, there are cases in which German shepherds suffocated because a tennis ball got stuck in their throats.

You must respond fast if you see your German Shepherd choking on a tennis ball. Get your dog, and if he's a huge dog, straddle him, since that is the first thing you need to do. Open your dog's mouth. If you can, reach for the tennis ball and take it out of your dog's mouth with your fingers.

You probably won't have time to bring your dog to the vet if he has anything caught in his throat and is completely unable to breathe. Your responsibility will be to try to save your dog. If anybody else is home, shout for them to help you remove the object from your dog's throat.

When you see that your German Shepherd is choking, don't look too long for help, because maybe it will be too late.

Here you can learn how to remove the ball from the dog's throats.

The best ball for German Shepherd dogs

Now that we know what characteristics a perfect ball should have, we can make it!

Oh, wait! Our team has already done that!

Here at GSD Colony, we worked really hard into developing this ball. The size of this ball is perfect; not too small or too big. As we mentioned before, German Shepherd love balls whose colors are bright, and the yellow color of our training ball will immediately grab the attention of your German Shepherd!

Thanks to the rope on the ball, you can use this ball as a training tool, rewarding toy, or just for fun! The GSD Colony® training ball is perfect for any occasion. German Shepherds love to play tug of war and chase balls such as this one

Also, we want to mention that our ball was made with the new technology, from EVA materials. These materials are durable and soft so that your German Shepherd will not hurt their teeth while he is chewing or biting a ball. 

  • Safe & Non-Toxic Materials
  • IQ Improvement Dog Toy
  • Size ball ~ 9cm/3.5inch
  • Float in the water
  • Soft & Durable

Training with your German Shepherd should be exciting and fun, and that is why we decide to create this amazing ball. With our GSD Colony® training ball toy, training your dog will be more fun and productive than ever!

You can learn more about this training ball by clicking HERE.

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