German Shepherd Bite Attack

German Shepherd Attacks Me - What Should I Do?

A big dog is the same as a scary dog-is it true? People are mostly afraid of bigger dogs, they are bigger, stronger, and look more dangerous. The German Shepherd is one of these breeds, a large, very strong and fast dog, but should you be afraid of such a dog? Let's discuss it!

German Shepherd is friendly dog.

The German Shepherd is known as a very friendly breed of dog that would protect its owner at the cost of its life. Anyone who has chosen a German Shepherd as their protector is not wrong, they will give you protection for sure. But is he safe for others? Are there chances of him attacking your friends or maybe even you? Let's see first if he would attack your friends.

German shepherd bite during the K9 dog training

If you and your friend have a good relationship, this does not mean that your dog and your friend have a good relationship. Sometimes dog owners make that mistake, they tell their friends that their dog is harmless and will not hurt them, but sometimes the exact opposite happens. But why?

The dog saw your friend as a “threat”. Your GSD may not know your friend well or he may not have gained enough trust in him. Gaining trust with a dog is essential for a good relationship. But why would he attack you? Dogs react to movement and this activates their instinct to chase. The German shepherd is a very intelligent dog and only in rare cases does it happen, but it does happen. What should I do if I am attacked by a German shepherd? 

Angry German Shepherd Barking in the yard

First, do not panic!

We know that it is difficult to remain calm in such a situation, but it is necessary to remain calm (don't ask how we know why it's better to stay calm…). Dogs gain more confidence when they see that their prey, in this case, you, is scared. If the dog sees that he cannot scare you, he will think that you are too dangerous a person to mess with you. 

Don't try to run away from the dog! 

Dogs are very fast and are always faster than humans (you can run if you are Usain Bolt, even though he would not be faster than some dogs). In general, dogs can run about 15–20 miles per hour for short distances. The world record of running speed of German shepherd is breath-taking, 30 miles per hour!

German Shepherd running during K9 Dog training

Avoid eye contact.

Direct eye contact can make a dog even more aggressive. Keep a dog in sight, but as much as possible without looking into the eyes. This gives the dog a signal that you are not dangerous to him, and that he can leave you unharmed. If you need more information about this amazing facts, you can learn more by clicking HERE.

Tighten your fists (not to fight the dog).

The advice is to clench your fists to protect your fingers so that they are not bitten off in case of an attack. If you do not try to bite yourself, you will get rid of it much easier this way.

German shepherd close look image

Distract him with an object.

Do not look from the side, but what you have with you. If you have something in your hand (for example a bottle of water), throw it in the opposite direction from where you want to go. The dog is by nature a playful animal and it is very possible that this will distract him. 

Order him to step down.

You have to have a firm stance, you must not let him see that you are scared. Order him in a harsh voice to step back. You have to be loud enough for the dog to realize that you are not an easy target. 

In case none of this helps and the dog has attacked you, our tips are as follows:

Retaliate immediately.

The dog will realize that you are not an easy target and may give up, and don’t be gentle! Try hitting the dog in the nose, throat, eyes, or back of the head. This can give you enough time to get away safely.

Shout for help.

In principle, a dog cannot kill an adult, you should be aware of that. It's perfectly okay to ask for help. Maybe someone will hear you and help you get rid of the dog.

Protect your face and neck.

If you allow the dog to grab your face or neck, then you will not be able to defend yourself. Remember, the only weapons a dog has are a mouth and teeth. Try to press his head against the ground with your weight, or if you succeed, press his neck. If you want to learn more about how to protect yourself from the German Shepherd dog attack, click HERE.

Long Hair German Shepherd with tongue out

The German Shepherd attacks innocent people very rarely, but it is good to know how to defend yourself in case he attacks you. Our advice is that if you see a dog for the first time you should be confident in yourself, be sociable, and show him love. Once you gain the trust of a dog, you will have it for the rest of your life!

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