German shepherd enjoy ride in the car with open window

Traveling With a German Shepherd in the Car - Road Tips

Are you planning a perfect trip with your shepherd? That’s great idea! But before you start planning a trip with your German shepherd on vacation, be sure your dog is ready for it. This means he must be comfortable with car travel and ready for the final destination of your exciting trip!

Let's see how to prepare for the perfect trip with your dog!

We all love to travel and explore

Do you think your dog might not like traveling? We think you shouldn't worry! Just as people love to explore and get to know new environments, so do dogs like to explore and sniff. If this is your dog’s first ride, ride slowly. It may be a good idea to drive him in the front seat at first so that he is can stay calm while he is next to you.

Your dog may initially feel mild nausea from driving, but it is temporary until he gets used to it. Before you go on a trip, we advise you not to give your dog too much food.

German shepherd looking through window in the car

Preparing Your Vehicle for Trip with Dog

If you have a crate or dog cage in the back of the SUV, station wagon, or minivan, your trip with a dog will be much easier. Your German shepherd will be safe if you stop short, he can’t be thrown across the seats or through the windshield. The cage or crate will not only protect your dog but will also give you space to concentrate and drive safely

If you cannot use a crate and cage in your vehicle, consider using a seat belt harness or seat belt leash. This allows the dog to sit up, turn around, and lie down comfortably, but he cannot jump in your car from seat to seat. Protective gear will protect your shepherd in case an accident occurs.

Climate Control During Traveling

If you’ve ever ridden in the back seat of a vehicle, you’re acutely aware of how possible it is for the passengers in the front seat to be nice and cool from the air conditioning while you’re uncomfortable and even sweating in the back. Keep this in mind when your German shepherd is riding in the far back end of your vehicle. All the way back is the smallest flow of fresh air and you must always make sure he’s not becoming overheated during travel.

Setting temperature of climate control in the car

Before you get out of the vehicle, keep in mind that there is a big difference between the temperature in the vehicle and the outside temperature. 4, 5 minutes before you stop, open the window and turn off the air conditioner to equalize the outside temperature with the temperature in the vehicle.

Never leave your shepherd in the car on a hot or even warm day. It takes only a matter of minutes for the car to heat up to an unbearable temperature. If you traveling during the hot days and making a rest stop, you should take your shepherd out to walk in the shade, stretch his legs, and relieve himself.

My German shepherd is the Anxious Traveler

If you decide to visit with your family and your dog uncle Bob, who’s living six hours away, the shepherd may become anxious during that long ride. Long rides can be very stressful for a shepherd if he isn’t prepared for that. The dog is simply not going to hop in and enjoy the ride. The less-traveled dog is likely to pant, cry, whine, bark, vomit, and possibly even lose bowel or bladder control. 

German shepherd sitting in the front seat of traveling van

To prepare your shepherd for a journey, you need to make sure he considers his crate a safe haven. Keep his crate in the home, door open, and encourage him to go in the crate to receive treats and enjoy really good chew toys and bones. When he’s comfortable with the crate, begin taking short trips in the car. You can also give your shepherd his favorite toy or bone, so he has something to do in the crate.

To prepare your dog for long journeys, you should take him on short trips as frequently as possible. In time he will get used to the rides, what's more, he will even enjoy them! In the end, he will become the one who organizes the trips!

You need fresh air

Don't forget to freshen up space in your car with fresh air often. This is very easy to do, just open the window, but be careful. Make sure your dog doesn’t stick his head out the window too much. Refreshing the air in your car will help a lot to you and your dog.

Extra protection for your shepherd

We all know how happy dogs are and run in all directions when we arrive at our final destination. Before you release your dog from the leash and he start exploring, make sure he is calm, otherwise he may walk away from you and get lost easily. It would be ideal if you use collar with ID tag. In case your shepherd gets lost, other people could easily contact you when they find your dog.

Also, microchipping your dog is good idea. Thanks to the development of technology, you can track every step of your dog using the phone. A collar with a GPS locator is also a good idea.


It takes time for your shepherd to get used to it. If your dog didn't like the first ride very much, don't think it will stay that way forever. He was probably just scared because he had never experienced anything like that. Show him that you enjoy the ride and that it’s nothing scary.

You can check our travel collection. We are listed all products which are crucial to any trip. Try to get your shepherd used to travel, and we are sure you will enjoy it!

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