Bored German Shepherd Looking Through Window of House

Top 5 Toys for Bored German Shepherds

Did you notice that your German Shepherd is bored and you don't know with which toy you can increase his activity and reduce boredom? Daily activity is really important for your shepherd because they are a breed that is supposed to be getting a lot of exercises daily.

Sometimes we just don’t have enough time to give them our full attention and that’s why it’s important to provide them with the right toys. 

We researched in detail which toys German Shepherds most often like to spend the most time with and selected them for you.

1. Snuffle Dog Pad

This dog toy is absolutely brilliant. In just a couple of seconds, you can give the task to your shepherd to sniff and search for dog treats that are hidden in the Snuffle Pad. You can hide the dog treat in a hundred different places. 

Also, this snuffle pad is the perfect toy for training your dog. We all know how strong a sense of smell has a German Shepherd. By snuffing and searching for dog treats, he will constantly develop his sense of smell.

2. Dog Puzzle Toy 

This is another amazing toy for your shepherd. There is a couple of levels of this Dog Puzzle Toy but the best is to start with level 1. By playing with this toy, your dog will develop curiosity and a habit of constant research. 

3. Dog Frisbee Toy

There is nothing as special as traditional dog toys! Dog frisbee isn’t a new modern toy, but definitely is one of the best tools out there against shepherd boredom. By playing with this toy you will motivate your shepherd for the game. Maybe he even learns some new tricks! These games are great for a dog developing and growing.

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4. Training Ring For Dogs

This toy will motivate your dog to take action. We all know how much shepherds love to chew random objects (especially our new shoes). A dog training ring will help your dog's intelligence improving and is convenient to train dogs. By increasing your dog's activity, and also yours, you will reduce his boredom and improve health.

5. Sniffing IQ Dog Cube

If your German Shepherd doesn’t love games too much, this toy will definitely change his mind! IQ Cube toy is developed to motivate boredom shepherd to take action, by hiding dogs treats in Cube and letting for Shepherd to find them. 

There are a thousand different dog toys that will increase the activity of your German Shepherd and reduce his boredom. These 5 dog toys are our choice and the choice of other shepherd’s owners. The opposite of happiness is not sadness, it’s boredom, and it is very important how we react to it. The best cure for boredom is FUN! Take some of your time and make your dog feel happy and proud to have you as his owner.

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