Must have training equipment for German Shepherd dog - top 15

German Shepherd Must-Have Training Equipment

Okay, you decide to train your German Shepherd and you don’t know where to start? Do you want to know which training equipment for your German Shepherd dog are a must-have? First of all, we want to congratulate you on a good move, and we are sure that your German Shepherd will love training! 

German Shepherd dog training during sunny day

Well, before you start, we suggest you inform yourself well and find all the necessary training equipment, some books, and good video lessons.

The items in this blog post are crucial when it comes time to train your dog. Thanks to them, your German Shepherd will learn new commands and tricks much faster and easier.

Also, we suggest you find one person (dog trainer) at the beginning who you follow and listen to. Later, you can watch lessons from another dog trainer, but in the beginning, it’s important to follow the same trainer.

German Shepherd bites for hand a dog trainer during dog training - GSD Colony

Every dog trainer has different techniques, very similar, but still different, and that’s completely fine. Follow that one dog trainer to the end, analyze what’s working for you and what don’t. Each person is unique, like a dog, and we must find our common language.

When you train your German Shepherd dog, the most important thing to learn is trust. We can’t describe how important is trust. And also, you must be patient.

We know that’s hard to train your dog. They won’t listen to you, always chewing, biting, pooping inside the house, and much more, but please, be patient, and we can guarantee to you that all your hard work will pay off!

German Shepherd girl owner hugging their dog - GSD Colony

Okay, let’s see now with which dog training tools and toys you can achieve better and faster results. Welcome to our list of top 15 must-have training equipment for your German Shepherd dog!

1. Dog jute pillow

Jute pillows are one of the most popular German shepherd dog training tools out there for sure! You have maybe already seen this amazing training tool in action. Usually, this toy is used for police, military, and Schutzhund dog training.

German Shepherd with professional GSD Colony jute bite pillow in mouth

Can you use it? Of course! Many professional dog handlers recommend this training tool for training or playing with your dog. This tool is perfect for your German Shepherd puppy. It’s a soft, durable, and very interactive training tool and dogs like a German Shepherd loves that!

Most dog handles use this as a reward toy. As soon as your German Shepherd obeys your command, reward your dog by letting him bite this jute dog pillow. 

You can check our jute dog training pillow by clicking HERE.

2. Dog treats

Treat is one of the most powerful rewards for your German Shepherd dog. For a good treat, the dog will do basically everything you say and teach them! But should you use ordinary dog treats or some special dog treats?

German Shepherd dog treats for dog training

Well, it depends. If you are training your first-ever dog or puppy, it would be much easier for you and your dog to use a higher-quality treat in the beginning, and later, you can start using ordinary treats.

3. Treat bag (treat pouch)

German Shepherd professional treat pouch - GSD Colony shop

Food rewards are a great motivation for your German Shepherd dog to learn new commands, and by using a good treat pouch, you can with ease reward your dog and save you getting greasy, smelly pockets.

You can check our available dog treat pouches by clicking HERE.

4. Dog training clicker

When we were kids, we would do whatever our parents told us to, just to get out or stay longer and play with other kids, right? We listened to our parents just to get out, and that was our reward. We knew we would get out and play with other kids, as soon as we finished all the commitments.

German Shepherd training dog clicker by GSD Colony

This is exactly what a clicker is used for. In most cases, dog trainers use this amazing tool to let their dogs know that something special is coming, something special as a dog treat. 

When you say a command, for example, “sit”, you can press a few times dog clicker to let your dog know that he will soon receive treats. 

“But how do dogs know that they will receive treats when you use a clicker?” Because you will teach them, and that’s super easy! We suggest you watch this amazing tutorial and learn more about this great training dog tool.

Do you need a professional dog clicker? Check our new dog clicker by clicking HERE.

5. Long leash

Long leashes are one of the most important training tools for your German Shepherd dog. With a long leash, you can teach your shepherd easily to come or to stay. You can also work on “off-leash” dog behavior with a proper long leash.

German shepherd dog long line leash - GSD Colony

It looks simple, but trust us, with a long leash, you can teach your dog one of the most important commands. You can learn how to train your German Shepherd dog on long leash by clicking HERE.

6. Collars

A collar is one of those obvious items. Whether you’re training your German Shepherd or not, a dog collar is absolutely a must-have item. So, why dog collars are so important?

German Shepherd dog with GSD Colony dog collar
When you start training your German Shepherd, make sure that he has an ID tag attached to the collar. We know that chances for listing your dogs are small, but make sure that your dog has an ID tag or GPS collar.

Collars will also provide you easy hand-hold option, and in the begging, you can use collars with handles, until you and your furry friend practice enough.

You can check our available collars for your German Shepherd dog by clicking HERE.

7. Target stick 

This training tool is really interesting for every dog, and it’s super powerful! First, you want to teach your dog to touch the end of the target stick with his nose, and then to follow it as you move it.

German Shepherd dog target stick
“Wow, my dog can’t do that!”. Are you sure? Dogs are much smarter than we think. All you need is patience and a lot of practice. You can click HERE and explore commands and tricks which you can teach your dog with a target stick.

8. Training guide (book, e-book, online course)

To keep your training running smoothly, we recommend you to find some training guide. Today, you can easily find free resources on Google, watch some cool videos on YouTube, or buy advanced books or courses.

Learning online dog training lessons
It would be much easier for you to follow someone who has the experience and who is already trained the dog.

9. Dog training ball

We all know how much dog loves ball, and for training, we can use special once! Professional dog handles usually use balls on the rope so that they can always keep their furry friend focused on the ball.

German Shepherd dog playing with GSD Colony training dog ball on the rope
This training tool is most often used as a reward toy for dogs after they’ve done a good job by throwing it or playing a game of tug. The dog can become really excited when it comes time to play with this ball, because of its special design. This ball should be used only as a reward toy, otherwise, the ball will lose its value and the dog will lose interest in that ball and work.

You can find this ball in our store by clicking HERE.

10. Paw bell

Paw bells can help you to better understand your German Shepherd dog. Usually, people use these paw bells to teach their dogs to ring when they want to go outside.

German Shepherd dog training paw bell
One of the biggest benefits of paw bells is that dogs can easily communicate with you through the bell about their needs. We recommend you watch this amazing tutorial and try teaching your dog how to use paw bell.

You can check our professional paw bell by clicking HERE.

11. Crate

Some of them think that crates are bad for dogs, especially for the big ones like a German Shepherd dog. We think that crate can be a great training tool, as long as you use it properly. Crates should be nice looking and comfortable so that your dog can associate the crate with good things, not bad things.

German Shepherd dog in the crate
Most people use crates as a punishment, and they are so wrong. You also want to make sure that you don’t overuse crate. In this tutorial, you can learn how to use a dog crate the right way!


12. Silicone lick mat

Without this amazing training tool, our furry friends wouldn't be the calmest… Most dog owners use silicone lick mats when they shower their German Shepherd dog or brush him. This tool will help you to keep your dog calm, even during some “extreme” situations.

German Shepherd dog silicone licking mate
And the most important part is that this tool is super easy to use! Just apply some peanut butter, put the mat on the wall or ground, and that’s it!

You can check your available silicone licking mats by clicking HERE.

13. Muzzle

No matter how friendly your German Shepherd is, the dog muzzle is must-have dog equipment. Many dogs will need muzzles only when they are going on a visit to the vet, but some of the dogs must wear muzzles until they learn good behavior.

German Shepherd dog with a stainless steel muzzles
There are different types of muzzles, and for training, the best type of muzzles are basket dog muzzles. You may also want to use a dog muzzle when your German Shepherd dog meets new people and dogs.

You can check our available muzzles for your German Shepherd dog by clicking HERE.

14. Training E-Collar

Okay, this is a hard one. Some people are against e-collars, and some people support e-collars. And the sad truth is that e-collars can hurt your German Shepherd if you don’t use them properly.

Ordinary collars can also hurt your dog if you pull too hard your German Shepherd dog during the walk. The leash also can hurt your dog, even some toys.

The product alone can’t hurt your dog. If you are using e-collar and shock mode to punish your dog, then don’t buy e-collars.

But what if you are a good dog owner and you want to use e-collar the right way? Then this is an absolutely amazing training tool for you and your dog. Usually, e-collars have more than “shock” mode. The most famous mode of e-collar is “vibration” and “beep” mode, and we recommend you to use these two modes.

Training German Shepherd dog e-collars

“Can I use shock mode sometimes?”. Yes, BUT try to use it on the lowest level of “shock power”. Each e-collar has different levels of shock power, and we recommend you try the lowest one first.

Do you think that an e-collar can hurt your dog? Then try it on yourself. Seriously. Before we decide to test our e-collars for dog training, we test them on ourselves first. It’s not painful at all, you will feel some uncomfortable feeling, but no pain.

We will leave here one of the most popular YouTube videos about this topic, and you decide whether e-collars are good or bad.

You can check our collection of e-collars by clicking HERE.

15. Patience

This is something that you can’t buy. Before you start teaching your dog, you first must teach yourself to be a patient and good person, otherwise, don’t even start. Dogs are truly one of the most special beings on this planet, and their love is the purest love.

Patience dog training German Shepherd

Start with the small steps, dream big, and work hard. We promise to you, that you will be proud of yourself and your lovely dog once you “make a connection”. There is no feeling like this. Great things take time. Please, stay patient.


You will realize how easy is to train your German Shepherd dog once you become a more patient person. While you training your dog, you must be fun and the most interesting person to your dog, otherwise, it’s gonna be harder to teach your dog new commands.

And keep in mind, your dog is not “stupid”, your dog is not an “idiot”. Patience. Results will come much faster than you think, and start as soon as possible teaching your dog new commands, they learn much faster and better while they’re young.

We hope that this article will help you to not only find the best training equipment and equipment for your German Shepherd dog but to better understand that dog training is nothing more than building a strong relationship with your dog.

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