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Top 10 Things That German Shepherd’s Hate Most

What German Shepherd hate the most? It’s hugging, bathing, or your brand new shoes? If we are good owners there is no doubt that your German shepherd dog loves you the most, but some things our shepherd doesn’t like and we do this every day! Dogs aren’t humans and there is a different reaction to our actions between humans and dogs.

Okay, what should I stop doing?

What are our bad habits that the German Shepherd dog hates us? By understanding what our German shepherd likes and doesn’t like, we’ll build a stronger and better relationship. In this article, you’ll find 10 things that your German Shepherd probably hates.


Stop Hugging Your German Shepherd Dog - GSD Colony Blog Post

You may think right now “this is not true, my German shepherd loves hugging”, however, the opposite is in true fact. We as humans understand why someone hugged us but if we hug a dog, he really has no idea what that means and what’s going on.

If you have ever hugged your German Shepherd dog (you probably did it), you have noticed that your shepherd dog becomes nervous after a few seconds of your hug. Why? Your German Shepherd thinks you want dominance over him. Not only the German shepherd hate this, but most of the dogs also don’t like these feelings, to be embraced.

The study shows that hugging your dog can raise his stress and anxiety level. You can find more on this topic on HERE.


Stop Staring at Your German Shepherd Dog - GSD Colony Blog Post

When a German Shepherd stares at something (other dogs, animal, or human), that's not the best sign. As we know, German shepherd and other dogs use prolonged eye contact as a threat or challenge.

There is a difference between staring and eye contact. We make everyday eye contact with our German shepherd and he doesn’t see us as a threat. The polite eye contact between man and dog lasts about 2 seconds, and our body behaves quite normally. Staring is when we constantly look our dog directly in the eyes.


Stop Yelling at Your German Shepherd  Dog - GSD Colony Blog Post

Who likes shouting? No one, not even our German shepherd dog likes it. We usually yell at our dog when he makes a big mess and we want to discipline him, but yelling at a dog won’t help you discipline him at all.

Our German Shepherd sees our yelling as aggressive barking, which can make them feel anxious and very afraid. You’re feeling frustrated with your German Shepherd Dog? He did something wrong? We know it's not easy to own a dog, especially a big one like a German shepherd, but try to keep your volume down.

Interrupting Sleep

Leave Your German Shepherd to Sleep - GSD Colony Blog Post

We all like to sleep, then why would we stop it if we don’t have to? If you wake a man during sleep, he can tell you it's not right what you did, but our dog can't tell us that. Most of us will not think that by waking up suddenly we can interrupt our German shepherd dog's deep sleep.

If you don't have to wake up your dog, then don't. If you see your German shepherd falling asleep in a strange position or running in his sleep, let him enjoy his wonderland :) 


Stop Teasing Your German Shepherd Dog - GSD Colony Blog Post

It’s not everything a game to our German shepherd dog. Teasing your German shepherd dog can increase his aggressivity and reduce his confidence in you. Imagine someone constantly tickles your ears, touches your food, runs towards you and yells, touches your favorite things, does not allow you to finish the meal, etc.

It's not cool, right? Stop teasing your German shepherd dog and give him peace. Pay special attention to the children while they are playing with your German Shepherd dog because children can be especially guilty of teasing a dog.

Not Letting Your Dog Be a Dog

Let Your German Shepherd to be a Dog - GSD Colony Blog Post

We sometimes forget that our German shepherd is a dog. Dogs love to smell trees and bushes, jump into the mud and roll, sniff other dog’s butts, roll in the grass, bark, and many other things. Such behavior may seem strange and unusual to us, but for our German shepherd dog, it’s completely normal. Therefore, allow your dog to be a dog.

Leaving Your Dog Alone For a Long Period

Don't Leave Alone Your German Shepherd - GSD Colony Blog Post

Dogs are very social animals and they need almost always someone to be with them. Leaving your German shepherd dog alone for more than ten or more hours per day can only have a negative impact on the dog.

If your German shepherd spends too many hours alone, this can lead to behavior and psychological issues like separation anxiety, destructive behavior, excessive barking, digging, or even escaping.

If you work long hours, try to find someone how can take out your dog on the short walk, or consider doggy daycare.

Very Strong Fragrances & Chemicals

Avoid Strong Smells on German Shepherd Dog - GSD Colony Blog Post

You probably know that your dog's sense of smell is about 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than yours. The strong smell of fragrances or chemicals can bother your German shepherd dog, and even irritate his nose.

When you apply perfume on yourself or you use some other products which have strong odors, (hairspray, air fresheners, cleaning chemical, etc.) do this as far away from your dog as possible and make sure that these products are non-toxic.

Changing their smell

German Shepherd lost Dog Smell - GSD Colony Blog Post

Most of the German shepherds love to swim but don’t like bathing. This is because they lost their “dog smell”. We use generally shampoos while we bath our dog, and those shampoos will remove the smell of your dog. He knows that bathing sometimes can be really dramatic, but bathing is inevitable…

A Tight Leash

Don't use a Tight Dog Leash on German Shepherd Dog - GSD Colony Blog Post

Your German Shepherd can get irritated if you pull him all the time with the help of a leash. It’s painful and can injure them. Your dog can easily be leash trained with the use of a proper harness and positive reinforcement. There is no need to have to tug on the leash when the dog knows its limits and is rewarded when they listen to you.


It is impossible to allow our German shepherd dog to do whatever he wants, so we need to introduce some rules to follow. Some rules we will hate, some rules he will hate, but the most important thing is to find a balance so that we are both happy and content.

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We all make sometimes mistakes... If you want to build a really good relationship with your German shepherd dog, you must understand what he loves, and what he hates. We hope that this tutorial will help you to better understand what human behaviors dog most hate.

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