The Reasons Why German Shepherd Goes Crazy After Bathing

Why do German Shepherds go Crazy after a Bath?

Sometimes it’s really difficult to persuade our shepherd to go to the bath. Some dogs just love bathing, and there are those who don’t even like it. But have you ever wondered why that is? Should dogs love bathing and cats hate?

There are several reasons why a German Shepherd goes crazy after bathing. Let’s see what the reasons are! Basically, the reasons why the German drove you crazy after bathing are: Relief, Strange New Smell, Drying Off, FRAP.

German Shepherd Goes Shakes His Wet Dog Coat in the Park


The time for bathing has come, and suddenly, all the legs of your German Shepherd have failed. Whose shepherd doesn't like bathing will understand this. After you have barely persuaded your furry friend to enter the bathtub, the drama ensues.

But that's why after the bathing we can't restrain our shepherd. Why? He is glad that the bathing was over. Most German Shepherd’s don’t love getting a bath, and they really feel relieved when the bath is over!

What smells so weird?

If you want your dog to smell nice, he doesn't seem to want that. After bathing, your shepherd will lose his old scent and that is very strange to him. His first reaction after bathing it’s gonna be probably to sprint around and roll in everything possible to get rid of the new smell and restore the old smell.

You may be wondering why my shepherd doesn’t like to smell nice? What smells good to us does not necessarily mean that it smells good to them. They simply love their scent and the dog's DNA is responsible for that.

Drying off

We need a few minutes to be completely dry after bathing, but for your shepherd, this is almost impossible. They will start to roll over the carpet, your bed, the couch, etc. just to get dry as soon as possible. 

It’s that normal? Absolutely. You can help your German Shepherd after bathing and wipe it with a towel. If you can, try to avoid a hairdryer. It’s hard to know how much heat they are feeling, but if you put the dryer on the lowest heat setting that might be okay. 


What’s FRAP? Frenetic Random Activity Periods are also commonly known as puppy crazies. During this period it is literally impossible to restrain your shepherd. They will constantly run back and forth, roll over the floor, jump, bark, even sometimes howl. What should I do? Well, if you can, sit back and enjoy the brief show. This is a completely normal occurrence in a dog and will not last forever.

The best way to calm your dog down is to let your shepherd run around inside a yard. If you don’t have a yard, another solution is to lock yourself together in one room and wait for your dog to calm down. 

German Shepherd Enjoys in Outside Bathing in the Yard


All shepherds are different. Some of them enjoy bathing, some of them not too much. It’s important to stay calm and understand that it is not easy for them during their bathing. Be gentle and careful while bathing your dog and maybe one day your shepherd will love bathing!

It's Bathing Time!

Sometimes it's maybe good, sometimes it's maybe bad! We hope that you'll enjoy this cute bathing videos as we do! 

German Shepherd Puppy's First Bath

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