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German Shepherd Best Tactical Harnesses

As we all know, German Shepherds are big and powerful dogs, and we need to provide them only with high-quality equipment. But when it comes a time of choosing the right harness, we believe that tactical harnesses are a great choice for German Shepherd.

Before we start talking about which specific harnesses are the best choice for your German Shepherd, we must understand why is like that?

A fully grown and healthy German Shepherd can pull up to 2 to 3 times of its body weight. The average height of male GSD is 30-40 kg. And that’s why is important to choose only the best gear for your dog.

German Shepherd dog pulling fact

Tactical harnesses are also made from more durable materials, and they will last longer. This is crucial because, as we mention before, they are strong dogs, and they can easily destroy ordinary harnesses made from poor-quality materials.

Also the great advantage of these harnesses is that most tactical harnesses have premium features like breathable materials, aluminum buckles, double buckles, safety quick-grab handles, quick-release buckles, and much more.

We worked really hard to upgrade our harnesses and made from something ordinary, something astonishing. We hope that you will a perfect tactical harness for your German Shepherd from our big collections of harnesses.

Let’s not waste any second more, and see one of the most durable tactical harnesses.

1. TACTICZEN™ K9 Tactical Harness.

This tactical harness was the first harness in our store, and there is a reason for that. This harness is most popular among German Shepherd owners, for one simple reason: it’s one of the best harnesses created ever.

TACTIZEN German Shepherd Tactical harness with handle - GSD Colony

You can find this model of our harness in 4  different variants: camouflage, black, military green, and khaki.

Some of the premium features of this tactical harness:

  • 2 x Metal Buckle
  • Military Standard
  • Durable 1050D Nylon
  • Safety Handle on Harness
  • Place on Harness for Dog Patches

You can learn more about this harness by clicking HERE.

2. AIRLIFTE® Tactical Harness.

Our AIRLIFTE® is probably the most advance tactical harnesses out there for sure. The body of your dog will be almost completely isolated and protected by our tactical harness.

AIRLIFTE® harness has three safety handles on the top of the harness, “add others benefits” and many other benefits.

AIRLIFTE German Shepherd professional tactical harness with handle

This tactical harness is available in 3 different variants and 2 sizes.

Some of the premium features of this tactical harness:

  • Elastic strap
  • 6 webbing loops
  • Sealed front D-Ring
  • Metal heavy duty buckle
  • Belly sides with molle sewn
  • Sponge interlayer + mesh lining
  • Vertical handle with anti-slip pad
  • 2 lifting handles (to share the weight)

You can learn more about this harness by clicking HERE.

3. HORTROOP™ Tactical Harness.

When you have a big and strong dog like a German Shepherd by your side, then the Hortroop™ harness is a perfect choice for you and your dog. You can also choose to get this harness with a tactical K9 dog leash.

Your German Shepherd will feel comfortable in our harness, and besides that, his skin its always be fresh and cool thanks to the new breathable materials. This harness comes in 4 different variants.

Hortroop™ tactical German Shepherd dog K9 harness

Some of the premium features of this tactical harness:

  • 1050D nylon material
  • Quick-grab safety handle
  • Safety handle on the leash
  • Made by military standard
  • Stretchy Leash (~120cm-150cm)
  • Breathable & light materials
  • Easy Adjustment

You can learn more about this harness by clicking HERE.

4. Tactical K9 Set of Harness & Leash.

This tactical harness and leash will give you full control over your German Shepherd while you training or just enjoying the relaxing daily walks with your dog.

You can choose between two different variations, to get this harness with, our without a leash. This set is available in 4 different colors.

Tactical K9 set of harness and leash

Some of the premium features of this tactical harness:

  • Duraflex® Quick-Release UTX Buckle
  • Tri-Glide Adjustment Clips
  • Double Handle on Leash
  • Magic Sticker ID Panel
  • Safety Control Handle
  • Soft Padded Lining
  • Aluminum V-Ring

5. Tactical K9 Harness.

This tactical K9 harness is a favorite choice of new GSD owners for their puppies. Thanks to the lightweight materials, this harness will not tire your puppy at all during the walk.

The soft sponges which are built inside this harness will protect and keep comfortable and safe your puppy from any accident.

This model of our tactical harness is available in 3 different variants.

K9 Harness for German Shepherd

Some of the premium features of this tactical harness:

  • Attach Morale Patch - Both Side
  • Heavy Duty Metal V-Ring 
  • 1000D Waterproof Nylon
  • Soft Sponge Protection
  • No-Pull Control

You can learn more about this harness by clicking HERE.

6. Crazex™ Tactical Dog Vest by GSD Colony.

The new revolutionary design of our Crezex™ tactical vest has changed the game forever. The new design was made this tactical vest one of the most practical and comfortable vests ever created.

This tactical vest is ideal for every opportunity, and it’s available in 4 different variants.

Crazex™ Tactical German Shepherd K9 dog vest

Some of the premium features of this tactical harness:

  • Handle on harness
  • 1000D Nylon
  • Breathable Materials
  • Auxiliary Bags on the Dog Vest

You can learn more about this harness by clicking HERE.

7. TANGYIAN™ Tactical Harness.

Tactical harness with special color design. Our TANGYIAN™ harness is easy to use and adjust thanks to the adjustable straps.

This harness was made from one of the most durable and breathable materials, which will help your dog to always reach top performance.

TANGYIAN™ tactical harness is available in 4 different unique variants.

TANGYIAN™ Tactical German Shepherd dog harness

Some of the premium features of this tactical harness:

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Quick-release buckle
  • 1050D nylon material
  • Safety quick grab handle
  • ID Pannel for velcro patch
  • Adjustable strap in the belly area
  • Two D-Ring placed on the harness

8. Goodle™ Tactical Harness.

Goodle™ tactical harness is one of the most strongest and durable harnesses on the market at this moment. It’s also a very practical and comfortable harness with a lot of premium features.

This harness is also popular because of its comfort for the dog. Our Goodle™ tactical harness is available in 2 different variants.

Goodle™ Tactical German Shepherd harness with handle

Some of the premium features of this tactical harness:

  • 1050D Durable Nylon
  • Metal Ring For Leash
  • Adjustable Harnesses
  • Military Standard Materials 
  • Handle on the Top of Harness
  • Can attract ID Patch & Stickers

You can learn more about this harness by clicking HERE.

Which tactical harness is best for German Shepherd?

It’s really hard to decide which one is the best, but based on the customer reviews and purchase trends, customers most often opt for TACTICZEN™ dog harness.

The reason for that is probably a reasonable price, the high quality of this tactical harness, and a lot of premium features.

More about German Shepherd harnesses.

Harnesses are basically must-have dog equipment these days, and here at GSD Colony, we strive to create each day a better and bigger collection of dog harnesses.

Besides tactical harnesses, on our website, you can find different types of harnesses for your German Shepherd. 

In this article, we had talk about which harnesses are the best for your German Shepherd.

You can explore our whole collection of dog harnesses by clicking HERE.

How to put a harness on a German Shepherd dog?

Before you even think about ordering a harness for your dog, make sure that you are measuring your dog, at least twice! 

Some people make that mistake and don’t measure their dogs before they buy a product. Don’t rush, and measure your dog carefully.

If your dog is between two sizes, always choose a bigger one, because usually, all harnesses have adjustable straps, so that you can easily adjust once you receive your harness.

If you are struggling with how to measure harness and put the harness on your dog, we recommend you watch this tutorial. It’s super easy!


We still believe that tactical harnesses are a great choice for German Shepherd. You can use harnesses in training, walking, or running without putting pressure on the neck of your dog. 

This is maybe the greatest feature of all harnesses. If your German Shepherd is pulling you a lot during a walk, then maybe you want to protect his neck and get a harness, until you teach then how to walk properly with a collar without pulling you.

Don’t rush, take the time to measure properly your dog, and to choose your favorite harness.

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