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Does my German Shepherd Need Shoes? (Full Shoes Guide)

Did you notice how some German Shepherds and other dogs wear shoes, now you wonder "are shoes actually beneficial to our dogs"? Dog shoes are becoming more and more popular among dog owners, and in today's world, this product is a must-have for every dog. Dog shoes can be really beneficial to your German Shepherd dog if you use them properly. 

We all know how powerful and strong dogs are German Shepherds, but extreme heat or cold can still have an impact on your dog's feet. In the summer, your German Shepherd's feet might get burned on too-hot surfaces like pavements and other heated pathways.

Why do German Shepherds need boots?

German Shepherds need protective shoes in order to protect their paws from hot or cold surfaces, sharp rocks, and thorns. The paws of a dog may appear to be sturdy, yet they are still soft. Threats to the general well-being of such a delicate region might range from a cut or scorching pavement to an overgrowth of keratin, also known as canine hyperkeratosis..

You might believe there is little danger of your dog's paws getting burned if the weather is good, but the ground can get much hotter than the outside air.

This table will show the difference between air temperature and asphalt temperature.

Air temperature  Asphalt temperature
25 °C / 77 °F 52 °C / 125 °F
31 °C / 87 °F 62 °C / 143 °F
35 °C / 95 °F 65 °C / 149 °F


If it's sunny outside, the asphalt temperature will be double higher than the air temperature! Some of the symptoms of burns are:

  • The affected area is reddened and swollen (First-degree burns)
  • Clear blisters are visible (Second-degree burns)
  • The skin is charred  (Third-degree burns)

If the sun is present throughout the day, make sure to check the temperature of the asphalt. For that, you can use one simple hack: place your hand on the ground and try to hold it for the next 10 seconds. If you were unable to hold your hand for more than 10 seconds, it means that the surface is too hot for your dog's paws.

If you believe that high temperatures are the only enemy of dog paws, you're wrong. Low temperatures can also present a high risk for your dog's paws and health.

German Shepherds' pads have much harder skin than human feet, yet they are equally prone to cold. For our dogs' exposed feet, prolonged exposure to temperatures at or below 32°F (0°C) can actually be dangerous.

Recommended winter shoesGSD Colony® Dog Paw Protection Shoes

Both heat and cold have the potential to cause dehydration. Your dog's paw pads may get dry, cracked, itchy, and painful from walking in the snow.

If you are planning a short walk in not-so-low temperatures, then it is perfectly fine for your German Shepherd dog to take you outside without shoes.

Also, German Shepherd dogs have a secret weapon for low temperatures: a countercurrent heat exchange system.

Unique circulatory system in German Shepherds GSD Colony

The counter-current heat exchange system keeps the paw temperature within acceptable ranges and stops the body from freezing. Other animals with a similar system have been found to include dolphins, who have a heat exchange system in their fins, and Antarctic penguins, where it may be found in the legs and wings.

In the other hand, if you’re planning a long walk, then we highly recommend you to get a paw shoes for your German Shepherd dog.

Paws shoes - great paw protection for German Shepherds that love adventures.

If you enjoy going on adventures with your German Shepherd dog in the forest, desert, or mountain, then paw shoes can be a great protection tool for the paws of your furry friend.

The ground sometimes can be covered with sharp rocks and thorns which can be dangerous for the paws of your German Shepherd.

Unlike winter paw shoes, adventure paw shoes should be light and made from breathable materials.

German Shepherd in adventure

If you’re looking for adventure shoes for your German Shepherd dog, then our PAWF® shoes are a perfect choice!


Nothing hurts worse than seeing our pets in pain. Paw shoes can be a great protection tool when you use them properly. 

When we say “use them properly” we mean on using them only when you need them. When it’s too hot, too cold, or the ground is covered with sharp rocks or thorns.

German Shepherds are not humans, and they don’t need a new modern shoes to look cooler. They need paw shoes only when you’re trying to protect their paws.

Don’t force your German Shepherd, or any other dog, to wear shoes when they have no protective purpose.

Overall, we believe that this product is a must-have for German Shepherds, because sometimes, these shoes can safe their paws.

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