Are German Shepherd Jealous dogs?

Are German Shepherds jealous dogs?

Have you ever noticed that your German Shepherd looking at you very strange, like he is jealous or mad at you, and now you wonder are German Shepherds be jealous dogs?

We know that this breed is extremely loyal to its owners and family, but does this mean that he can’t get jealous at all?

German Shepherds love attention, especially to spend their time with their lovely owners, and in some cases, they’ll start behaving very weirdly in order to grab your attention.

We are the whole world to them, and they love us indefinitely, but, belief or not, no matter how much they love us, German Shepherds can be jealous!

Yes, German Shepherds can be jealous dogs. When we start spending our time with someone else, or just not giving them enough attention, our German Shepherds can become jealous.  This isn’t anything bad, and it’s, according to new case studies, normal behavior for any dog breed.

Let’s be honest, no one loves to be left behind and alone. This isn’t a pleasant feeling at all, and if we don’t have attention from others, we’ll also get jealous, and in some extreme cases depressed.

Luckily, our German Shepherds will let us know when they’re jealous so that we can know that. 

Here are 9 common signs that your German Shepherd is a jealous dog:

  1. Aggression
  2. Pushy behavior
  3. Paying extra attention to you
  4. Going to the bathroom into the “forbidden area”
  5. Trying to scare off strangers
  6. Growling, hissing, or getting into a fight with other pets and dogs
  7. Doing a trick without any command
  8. Leaving the room
  9. Crowding your space
German Shepherd dog activity be jealous

Now when we know that German Shepherds are a jealous dog breed, and we know their common signs of jealousy, let’s see the secrets behind this behavior in detail!

1. Aggression

This is one of the most common signs of a jealous German Shepherd. In general, German Shepherds are known as an extremely loyal dog breed, which loves their owner more than they love themselves, but when they see that we don’t give them enough attention, they can start to behave aggressively.

2. Pushy behavior

This is commonly manifested in the form of a pet "inhibiting another person or animal from moving freely on a daily basis, or pushing their way into a situation, demanding their owner's attention," according to Dr. Magda. This is just another way for your German Shepherd to draw your attention.

3. Paying extra attention to you

Did you notice that your German Shepherd dog pays extra attention to you more than regularly? This is a sign of affection, and they are trying to get your attention. Usually, they are showing that sign by licking your face and hands and putting your hand in their mouth, or they are always extremely close to you.

4. Going to the bathroom into the "forbidden area"

They are German Shepherds dogs, and dogs can’t talk. So instead of expressing their feelings with words, they’ll express their feelings with actions. If you see your German Shepherd peeing or pooping in places where they shouldn’t, they may be trying to tell you something.

5. Trying to scare off strangers

The other sign of a jealous German Shepherd is that he is trying to scare off any stranger. If you notice that your German Shepherd doesn't behave well around strangers as usually (barking, hissing, growling), have in mind that he is maybe jealous.

6. Growling, hissing, or getting into a fight with other pets

If your German Shepherd isn't the only pet that you have, then have in mind that your attention must be equally divided among them. If your German Shepherd notices that you spend too much time with your cat, dog, or any other pet, then he may start loving less that other pet and see them as their competition for your attention.

7. Doing a trick without any command

Did you ever notice that your German Shepherd doing some tricks without your command? This is a clear sign that he wants to you pay attention to him and spend more time together playing, cuddling, or training.

8. Leaving the room

If you notice that your German Shepherd leaves the room where you’re, without any special reason, have in mind that he is probably jealous or mad at you! This is a very common behavior among jealous dogs, and usually, you will easily recognize that behavior.

9. Crowding your space

German Shepherds are incredibly smart, and they can memorize where you spend your time the most. If your German Shepherd becomes a jealous dog, your space can easily become their space! German Shepherds sometimes will lie down near your working table, sit in the computer chair, or start knocking things off the table, just to get a little of your attention.

Do German Shepherds Get Jealous of Other Dogs?

German Shepherds are very bonded and loyal to their owners, and if you start giving more attention to your new dog, or any other dog, or pet, and spend less time with them, they can get jealous. 

Are German Shepherds jealous dogs

If you own any other dog, besides your German Shepherd, we suggest you always split equally your attention among them,  if you want to avoid jealous dogs.

Do German Shepherds Get Jealous of New Puppies?

During all these years, your German Shepherd was getting all your attention, and suddenly, you bring home a new puppy. If you get a new puppy, your German Shepherd can get jealous, and that’s absolutely normal for this situation.

But you should show your German Shepherd that you love him as much as your new puppy. Play equal with both dogs, give them food and treats at the same time, get enough toys for both dogs, and we are sure that your GSD will love your new puppy!

Does German Shepherd Get Jealous of People?

If a new lovely person walks into your life, have in mind that your German Shepherd will notice that! They are very social dogs, and they love to spend their time with people, especially with their owners, but if you bring your most loved person near your German Shepherd, he can get jealous. 

German Shepherds are very smart, and they will know that this person is special to you. If you start spending too much time with that one person, don't neglect your German Shepherd dog.

It would be great if all of you can start spending your time together. Play together, walk together, explore new places together, and by the time, your German Shepherd will be less jealous.

Does the German Shepherds get Jealous of Babies?

A new recent study has confirmed that German Shepherd dogs experience jealousy when their owners display affection toward babies and kids. Dogs are pack animals, and a new member of the pack might put the other dogs' resources at risk and force them to fight for mates.

Do German Shepherds get jealous of babies

If you want to learn more about how to introduce your newborn to the German Shepherd dog, he suggests you read our blog on that topic.

How to introduce your newborn to your German Shepherd dog?

What causes German Shepherds to feel jealous?

Once your German Shepherd become jealous, you will know that, for sure. Then you may start wonder “why did my German Shepherd become a jealous dog, what I did wrong?”. 

Jealous German Shepherd with other pets

After reading tons of different articles, we came to the conclusion that German Shepherd becomes jealous because of these reasons:

  • Change in routine
  • Attention that is incompatible
  • Lack of exercise and attention
  • New babies or people in their home
  • New pets

Change in routine

A change in routines is one reason your German Shepherd dog may show indications of jealousy. Because of the difference in when and how often you engage with your dog, he or she may feel abandoned or ignored.

Attention that is incompatible 

German Shepherds may get jealously if they receive attention from one person but not from another, such as when they are patted by someone else while their owner is out for a walk with them.

Lack of exercise and attention

German Shepherds know as high-energetic dogs, and if you don’t have enough time and motivation for walks and exercise with your dog, they may get jealous. Lack of exercise may cause your German Shepherd to behave destructive, so try to try them.

New babies or people in their home

When new people enters in your life, and home, the time speeded with your German Shepherd dog will decrease, and they don’t like that. We know that managing your time in that situation is difficult, but try to spend some time with them during the day.

Learn more: Are German Shepherds good with kids?

New pets

Your German Shepherd will almost 100% become a jealous dog, once you get a new pet if you don’t divide your time properly among them. Try to play equally with both your pets, and they will be equally happy.

How to stop my German Shepherd from being jealous?

There are a couple of different things that you can do to help your jealous German Shepherd and make him again happy dog!

More training and exercise

German Shepherds love to work and play different sports and games. If you don’t spend enough time training your dog, this can only cause bad behavior. If you’re tight with the time, try to work and train with your German Shepherd each day for at least 30 minutes.

German Shepherd training time

More interesting routine

Believe it or not, German Shepherds love routines! In fact, if you have a daily routine with your German Shepherd, and you skip only one thing, he can become jealous and mad at you. 

If you don't have an idea what to do with your German Shepherd, see our Top 15 favorite activities with German Shepherd dogs.

Don’t leave your German Shepherd behind

If you have a new special person in your life (baby, partner, or new best friend), don’t leave your German Shepherd dog behind, meet your dog with that person. And when your friends, or any other family member, are coming to visit, introduce them to your German Shepherd.


If your German Shepherd becomes a jealous dog, don’t worry too much, it’s absolutely normal. Every one of us has been jealous at some point. It’s true that isn’t a pleasant feeling, but your dog will survive that!

This is something that you should not ignore. Try to understand why your German Shepherd has become jealous, and make him happy again! 

Did your German Shepherd ever become jealous? If it is, write your experience in the comment, and we’ll share your story with our readers.

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