Image of the First Ever German Shepherd

History and Origins of the German Shepherd Dog

You may know the origin of your dog, but do you know the origin of that breed? The German shepherd as a breed of dog first appeared in the late 19th century, and they were first exhibited at a show in Hanover in 1882.

The German Shepherd we know today was very different from the first-ever German Shepherd. They had a shorter tail, different dog hair, and rather resembling mongrels. The German shepherd, as we know it today, first time appear after the Second World War.

Image of the First Ever German Shepherd Dog

How was created the German shepherd breed?

The standardization of the German Shepherd was started by a cavalry captain, a former student of the Berlin Veterinary Faculty, Max Emil Frederich von Stephanic. He and his friend Arthur Mayer founded the German Shepherd Club in 1899.

In breeding, Stephanic gives preference to character over appearance. He believed that dogs should be bred for work. As a basis, he set mental stability and usefulness. As Germany was then becoming a larger and larger military force, the German Shepherd soon became a military dog ​​of the German army due to its high intelligence and great strength.

German shepherd with german army in world war 2

The German Shepherd as a breed was quickly noticed. In 1907 the first dog was exported to the USA. Since then, their popularity has not stopped growing. People were amazed at how smart a dog can actually be, and at the same time strong and protective.

Many people in the UK still call these dogs Alsatians which may partly be due to the fact that when they were first bred, the Alsace region of France was part of Germany where these dogs were very popular. In part, it may also be due to the first and second world wars that the name Alsatian stuck as the word 'German' had a negative connotation. 

This is one of the most famous and popular dog breeds in the whole world. Intelligence is what makes them so sought after and what they are known for. In terms of intelligence, they take third place among dogs, right behind the border collies and poodles. It is believed that these dogs can learn tasks after only five repetitions.

GSD's make wonderful family pets and will protect family and home.

These dogs are very intelligent and will be completely loyal to their master (to their owner), but these are dogs that need company to be at their best. As they get older and older, they become more and more protective. If you and your family decide to choose a German Shepherd as your pet, you will not go wrong.

First German shepherd and German shepherd Now


Diseases that can accompany them are: hip and elbow dysplasia, ear infection, arthritis, and bloating.

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